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Dock-A-Rod Fishing Rod Holder Bundle Review

As an avid angler, I’m always on the lookout for gear that can make my fishing expeditions more efficient and enjoyable. The Dock-A-Rod Fishing Rod Holder Bundle, a comprehensive kit including 90-degree and 60-degree fishing rod holders, and an adapter mount for round dock posts, has proven to be an excellent addition to my fishing equipment arsenal. This kit, proudly made in the USA, provides a secure, durable solution for mounting and storing my fishing rods.

Design and Quality

The Dock-A-Rod Fishing Rod Holder Bundle boasts a sturdy construction of reinforced nylon, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Designed to accommodate up to 1 ½ inch fishing rod, it comfortably houses 99% of the rods on the market. The simplicity of the design is its brilliance, with an easy-to-install set-up supported by stainless steel mounting hardware included in the bundle. The manufacture also backs the product with a reassuring 3-year warranty.

Key Features and Functionality

The Dock-A-Rod’s key features include its 90-degree and 60-degree fishing rod holders, providing flexibility in rod placement and angling. The adapter mount for round dock posts is a fantastic feature for secure mounting, offering peace of mind while waiting for those bites.

Additionally, the inclusion of a flag pole adapter insert is an interesting feature, adding an aesthetic touch to the dock. However, some users have suggested that the 90-degree rod holder outperforms the angled flag pole in terms of functionality.

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Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to other fishing rod holders, the Dock-A-Rod stands out due to its two distinct rod holder angles and adapter mount for round dock posts. Its durable nylon construction is superior to some other models which often use cheaper materials.

However, a potential downside that some users noted is that the bundle comes with only one adapter mount, limiting the simultaneous use of both rod holders on the dock post.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable reinforced nylon construction
  • Versatile with two distinct rod holder angles
  • Easy installation process with included hardware


  • Only one adapter mount included, limiting simultaneous use of both rod holders on a dock post
  • Angled flag pole functionality might not be as useful for some

User Experiences and Testimonials

Users who have invested in the Dock-A-Rod have mostly positive feedback, praising the product’s easy installation process and its functionality. However, some users felt that the angled flag pole was unnecessary and recommended sticking to the 90-degree rod holder.

Another point of contention was the inclusion of only one adapter mount, which restricts the use of both rod holders simultaneously on a single dock post.

Tips and Tricks

For getting the most out of your Dock-A-Rod bundle, consider purchasing an additional adapter mount if you plan to use both rod holders on the same dock post. Remember to maintain the nylon components by cleaning them after use, especially in saltwater conditions, to prolong their lifespan.


Q: Can the Dock-A-Rod accommodate all types of fishing rods?
A: The Dock-A-Rod can hold up to a 1 ½ inch fishing rod, which includes 99% of rods on the market.

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Q: How many adapter mounts are included in the bundle?
A: The bundle includes one adapter mount for a round dock post.

Q: What is the warranty period for the Dock-A-Rod?
A: The Dock-A-Rod comes with a 3-year manufacture warranty.


In conclusion, the Dock-A-Rod Fishing Rod Holder Bundle is a robust, versatile addition to any angler’s equipment. The durability and thoughtful design make it

Dock Fishing Rod Holders
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